As Oklahoma City’s postseason came to an end, so did the time Billy Donovan had left as head coach. However, on Tuesday, he was named the new head coach of the Chicago Bulls, and I like it. Initially, the Thunder are about to undergo a big rebuild which will include getting rid of Chris Paul. Personally, I don’t think old Billy wanted to stick around for that. Alternatively, Chicago is nearing the end of a rebuild and are one piece away from being a legitimate NBA team. Billy likey. Additionally, the Bulls should be very happy with this hire. Chicago has a lot of young players with big potential to make major contributions to this team.

Chicago Bull's young players
(from the left) Zach LaVine, Lauri Markkanen, Wendell Carter Jr., Coby White

This is where Billy Donovan comes in. For young teams, having a good player development coach is huge, and Billy fits the bill. Also, his motion offenses will give younger players plenty of opportunities to handle the ball and gain confidence.

As far as the bulls go, they look promising. To begin with, Zach LaVine is quickly establishing himself as an offensive problem for other teams. In the last couple of seasons, Zach has boosted his scoring average to about 25 ppg. Clearly, he has handled being thrown into the primary scorer role very well. In addition, Carter and Markkanen are getting better year by year. When that 7’0″ duo is fully developed, watch out. Next, Coby White is a solid point guard who is also only getting better with experience.

Overall, Billy Donovan is a great fit for the Chicago Bulls, and I can’t wait to see what happens with this team in the next few years.

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