It’s no secret that the Clippers absolutely CHOKED in this year’s playoffs, but with their elimination came hope for three unsuspecting teams:

  1. Denver Nuggets

Obviously, The Nuggets are going to benefit from a second-round win against a heavy favorite in The Clippers, but there’s more. For the past few seasons, the dynamic guard-center duo of Murray and Jokic has been wreaking havoc on just about everyone in the league. Despite their recent success, they have not been given proper credit for what they are capable of. Their win over Kawhi and PG got them exactly what they wanted; to be considered a top team in the NBA.

  • 2. Los Angeles Lakers

With the Bucks and Clippers out of the playoffs, The Lakers are looking to roll through the rest of the playoffs. Honestly, It’ll be hard for the L.A. to lose after their only threats left the bubble. Give Lebron a good team complete with Anthony Davis and three months of rest and he will dominate the entire league.

3. Milwaukee Bucks

Similarly to The Clippers, Milwaukee had a pretty big letdown in the second round, and speculation on Giannis leaving began immediately. After the loss, many analysts and reporters were saying that The Bucks don’t have enough to get Giannis his first championship, and they aren’t necessarily wrong. That being said, The Clippers letdown took attention and pressure off of Milwaukee. The expectation to change is still there, don’t get me wrong, but they are no longer the talk of the league.

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