Hailing from Whitnall High School in Wisconsin, Tyler Herro was a 6’5″ shooting guard looking to prove himself. And while most doubted him, he knew all along he was special.

Tyler dominated youth basketball, and Luckily, I was able to watch him play throughout his entire high school career. I would say that most people, including myself, thought he would spend 4 years in college and be done. However, Tyler didn’t agree and decided to get drafted 13th and go crazy in the NBA Playoffs as a rookie. I mean the kid is doing things in his rookie year that only Magic Johnson himself was able to do. This year alone, Herro has gotten NBA fans everywhere to hop on the bandwagon, and I am definitely one of them. I am at the point where if he isn’t an all-star in a few years, I’ll be surprised. And look at the guy.

He has skills 100%, but so much of Tyler’s game is in his ridiculous amount of confidence. When he shoots the ball, he knows it’s going in. And if it doesn’t, he is completely unphased. Herro’s confidence level combined with his steadfast mentality gives him the combined genes of an elite scorer and a clutch performer. On top of everything that makes Tyler Herro so good, he fits in with the team style of basketball that the Heat play.

Overall, Tyler is really good and so are the Heat.

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